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Our venue

The main building

MMU New Business School, All Saints Campus, Oxford Road, Manchester, M15 6BH. View on Google Maps.

Getting here on the day

You can park for free at their John Dalton Car Park which can be accessed from Chester Street. If you're arriving via public transport the building is well signposted and in walking distance of Manchester Oxford Road train station.

More in-depth information can be found on the MMU website.

The schedule

Time Speaker Title Description
09:00 - Registration & Coffee You'll need a ticket (digital copy is fine) and a Student ID if you purchased a student ticket. We have no lanyards, goodie bags, t-shirts or giveaways so just show up, grab a coffee & enjoy the show!
10:00 Kimb Jones Making a Front End conference A run-down of how FEN was conceived where it's headed and the challenges faced
10:15 Simon Owen Optimising Your Front-End Workflow These days Front-End Developers have a lot to think about and there's plenty of tools to help along the way. Simon will be going over some of the things he takes into consideration and techniques he uses within his workflow.
10:45 BREAK A quick 15 min break Coffee & refreshments provided
11:00 Phil Hawksworth Dynamic Static Site Strategies Are we over-engineering? What is the real effort in developing, hosting and maintaining sites which have many moving parts? The cost of serving static sites has never been lower.

And front-end development practices have never been richer. Couldn't we harness this better and make life simpler without dumbing down?In this talk we'll explore some unexpected capabilities and characteristics of "static" sites. We'll look at ways to use emerging tools and services to create robust, high performance websites which can be more dynamic than some of their heavier and more costly brothers and sisters.
11:30 Liam Richardson Pure CSS cross browser animations for fun and profit The days of Flash domination are long behind us, but the demand for smooth animation on the web still persists. Luckily, CSS is here to help.

In his talk, Liam will provide some essential tips and tricks for how to implement smooth, subtle and fun animations that not only work cross browser, but degrade gracefully to boot. In no time at all, you’ll be an expert at everything animation, without the use of a single jQuery plugin!
12:00 Katie Fenn Building and testing jQuery plugins for 2015 jQuery turns ten in 2015. Some things have changed, but it's still the most popular way of building widgets for the web. When should you choose to write a jQuery Plugin instead of using newer libraries and what have we learned in ten years about writing them well?

Katie Fenn presents the benefits of writing plugins and examines how to write robust, reliable code with the help of the Jasmine unit testing tool.
12:30 LUNCH A quick on-site lunch Lunch is provided with your ticket price
13:30 Rosemary King Get Back to Play: How Play and Playfulness Help Us Build Better Products and People. User Centered design has become the buzzword for companies large and small alike. As the market moves towards connecting with their users and delighting them with new and innovative products, we, as practitioners, must constantly learn to look at problems and domains with new eyes.

As children, we played in order to learn about the world around us and press against our growing boundaries. We took wild journeys of fantasy where every object in front of us had possibilities. This talk will cover the concept of play as a cognitive developer, examine case studies where play and imagination contributed to amazing product design, and give some ideas as to how we can continue to do this with our team and on our own everyday to help strengthen our "play" muscles.
14:00 Edd Sowden Trying to make GOV.UK accessible Building an interactive accessible website is often thought of as ablack art. A look at the learnings from building the Government'swebsite, GOV.UK. I will talk about real world accessibility andpractical tips and tools you can use today. Covering the mistakes andpitfalls we made building GOV.UK I will explain how to check to seehow you are currently doing, and how accessibility isn't,as scary asyou first thought.
14:30 BREAK The final break of the day Coffee & refreshments provided
14:45 Shaun Bent Reducing duplication and driving consistency at the BBC The BBC provides many online products and services such as Sport, News, iPlayer which are designed, delivered and managed by numerous teams around the country within BBC Future Media. Despite the different products, features and technologies employed by BBC, the experience remains constant and is underpinned by the BBC's Global Experience Language (GEL).

GEL stipulates a series of guidelines which define anything from typography and grid structure, to how an accordion or search field should look. I’ve recently began investigating how these, currently, static PDF documents could be turned into code that can be shared and reused across the BBC and what challenges this raises. This talk will cover challenges such as what could a code implementation of these guidelines look like? How could we distribute and manage it? What benefits does this shared code give us?
15:15 Dan Donald TBA TBA
15:45 - Speaker Panel Q&A A chance for attendees to follow-up and ask any questions or queries from the day.
16:30 Kimb Jones Closing Remarks Thanks for coming & details of the after-party!

Check out our speakers

Our wonderful speakers who are giving their time to you in the hope that you'll learn something awesome.

Simon Owen


Front End Developer from Manchester, he runs the #McrFRED user group. Loves GitHub, open source, learning, teaching and doing cool stuff.

Phil Hawksworth


An advocate of open Web standards and unobtrusive JavaScript, Phil is a Technical Director at [R/GA] in London building sites and experiences for clients like Google, Nike, and Beats By Dre.

Liam Richardson


A front end developer at Sigma Consulting Solutions Ltd, with experience creating online solutions for large clients such as Citizens Advice. He’s worryingly obsessed with everything CSS.

Dan Donald


Manchester-based Dan is Ex-BBC now Front-end Lead at @mccannmcr. Sometimes speak & write about web stuff.

Katie Fenn


Katie is a senior software engineer specialising in JavaScript and PHP. She stays up far too late playing video games, riding her bike and contributing to open source.

Kimb Jones


Kimb is the co-founder of UK-based WordPress agency Make Do. In a previous life he worked at the NHS in both IT and Marketing. He promises it wasn’t as boring as it sounds (mostly).

Rosemary King


A Product Manager at Pivotal Labs. Before technology Rosemary worked in politics, advocacy and non-profit and strongly believes that user centered research can have a major impact on the quality of tools that are built.

Edd Sowden


A developer working for the Government building the GOV.UK website. Edd strives to make GOV.UK accessible to as many people as possible without sacrificing quality or features.

Shaun Bent


Front End Developer working at BBC Sport. Shaun specialises in creating manageable CSS architectures for large sites and is passionate about sharing his skills with others.